Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ABC and 123 - Letter and Number Walls

I want to instill in my daughters the same love of reading and words that my parents gave me growing up.

I also like really colorful stuff.  Just saying.

I have been trying to decide what to put on the walls of my daughter's playroom for some time.  I wanted something fun, colorful, educational and different.  When I saw Spearmint Baby's nursery wall with the alphabet in different colors and fonts, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

First thing I did was call my Mom because she is a wiz at finding things at thrift shops, garage sales and the like.  She went on the hunt and found several letters right off the bat.  It took a few weeks but we both just picked up letters here and there and by the time I went to visit them for a week in June, we had them all.  Then we hand painted, ModPodged and spray painted them all until I was happy with the variety.  Then using Command Strips (love, love, love) and a nail or two, I hung those puppies up!

I decided that it looked a little bland still so I added a bar with mini clothespins to display all Ellie's artwork and pictures of family.

 So that was done and I sort loved it but then realized I wanted to add some numbers so up these went on the opposite wall:

As an FYI - it is nearly impossible to find any zeros anyplace.  If I stumble on one, I will add 10 under the grouping but if I don't, no big deal.  They are still a touch bland but I might put stripes on the number 1 or polka dot 4 - we'll see!

From time to time, Ellie will look up at her letters and tell me how much she "loves her alphabet."  Aw, love that. Love her! Love my version of the letters too!
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