Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Wreath: Burlap and Glitter

I have to brag just a little - my husband and I were installing Abby's (the 7 month old) new tank car seat into my car. (my baby isn't such a baby anymore! *sniff, sniff*)  The car was parked in our driveway and a car a pulled up to the end of the driveway.  The driver said he was sorry to bother us but his wife loved our wreath and asked where we bought it.    I was thrilled to tell them that I made it.  *squee*

This wreath is so simple to make - it only took me about an hour or so from start to finish! 

I bought 1/2 a yard both of orange and black burlap and cut them into 1" strips the length of the fabric so I wound up with a bunch of 1" x 18" strips.

Tie them in knots on your wreath form and alternate blocks of the orange with blocks of the black or you could also do half in orange with half in black.

The only downside to this wreath is working with the burlap - so messy and itchy that I had to take a shower the second that the wreath was done while my husband ran the vacuum!  If I did it again, I would only do this outside.  :) 

The next step was to find something extra to add.  I had originally bought wooden letters that spelled BOO but saw the orange glittered Boo! at Target for a whopping $2.50 and went with that instead.  Much quicker and impossible for me to mess up.

I threaded the orange ribbon through the Os and looped it around the wreath as a hanger and that's it!  Halloween decor in under an hour!  Hope you like it as much as we do! 

I am linking this up to the Halloween Extravaganza on the CSI Project!